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GB-1236469-A: Synthetic rubber manufacture patent, GB-1236914-A: Improvements in or relating to liquid level measuring systems patent, GB-1237895-A: patent, GB-1237964-A: patent, GB-1238139-A: patent, GB-1238443-A: patent, GB-1238807-A: patent, GB-1239924-A: Improvements relating to rotary crop cutters patent, GB-124042-A: Improvements in or relating to Mechanism for the Driving of Cam Shafts of Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-1240939-A: Improvements in and relating to garments patent, GB-1241297-A: Conducting thermoplastics articles patent, GB-1242485-A: Tool for attaching an end fitting patent, GB-1242628-A: Elastomeric compositions which cross-link spontaneously at ambient temperature, based on ethylene propylene terpolymers patent, GB-1243126-A: Induction radio transmission system patent, GB-1243923-A: Improvements in or relating to piping patent, GB-1245032-A: Photographic silver halide development patent, GB-1245418-A: A collet for a machine tool patent, GB-1245460-A: Improvements in and relating to magnetic materials patent, GB-1246528-A: Improvements in and relating to electron beam welding patent, GB-1249354-A: Driving mechanism in an articulated tractor patent, GB-1249386-A: Photographic exposure mechanism patent, GB-1249608-A: Improvements in or relating to mining machines patent, GB-1250541-A: patent, GB-1250974-A: patent, GB-1253956-A: Improvements in and relating to pierce nuts patent, GB-1254339-A: Quinoxaline-di-n-oxide-lactones patent, GB-1255223-A: Vacuum circuit interrupter patent, GB-1255329-A: Improvements relating to pressure fluid nozzles patent, GB-1255336-A: Self-bonding, surface-insulated foil conductors patent, GB-1255387-A: Miniature toy vehicle patent, GB-1255481-A: Improvements in or relating to the circumferential butt welding of tubular components patent, GB-1256018-A: Improvements in and relating to fluid drive coupling patent, GB-1256810-A: patent, GB-1257202-A: patent, GB-1257652-A: patent, GB-1257799-A: patent, GB-1258316-A: patent, GB-1259015-A: patent, GB-1259801-A: A nutating piston fluid machine patent, GB-1260318-A: Battery handle for diagnostic instruments patent, GB-126075-A: Improvements in or relating to Self-propelled Vehicles. patent, GB-1261109-A: Method and apparatus for cooling thick steel plates patent, GB-1261491-A: Improvements in or relating to electrodes and sheaths therefor patent, GB-1262235-A: Compositions and beverages formed therefrom for replenishing body fluids and minerals lost through perspiration patent, GB-1264126-A: patent, GB-1264366-A: patent, GB-1265083-A: patent, GB-1265428-A: patent, GB-1265486-A: patent, GB-1265743-A: patent, GB-1266311-A: patent, GB-1267413-A: A method of making image-bearing electrophotographic elements patent, GB-1267449-A: Furanone syntheis patent, GB-1267633-A: A radiant energy analyser with ratio offset and scaling patent, GB-1267656-A: Improvements in or relating to injection moulding apparatus patent, GB-126782-A: Improvements in or relating to Machines for Making Bottles. patent, GB-1267931-A: Novel azetidine compounds and process for making such compounds patent, GB-1269128-A: Method of operating a heating system and apparatus therefor patent, GB-126950-A: Improvements in ?-wood Wheels for Demountable Rims. patent, GB-1269779-A: Hoisting apparatus for handling floating bodies in rough seas patent, GB-1270736-A: Exhaustion process for the dyeing of synthetic fibre materials patent, GB-127118-A: Improvements in Packing for Stuffing Boxes and the like. patent, GB-1271349-A: Gas discharge laser patent, GB-127147-A: Improvements in Screw Propellers. patent, GB-1271828-A: Drum-winding contact-pressure reducing device patent, GB-1272197-A: Improvements in fluid heaters patent, GB-127253-A: Improvements in Sparking Plugs for Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-1273054-A: Improvements in ceilings patent, GB-1273190-A: Control of the amplification of a controller which controls a plant patent, GB-1273265-A: Improvements in or relating to embossing devices patent, GB-1274062-A: A feeding and initial folding unit of a wrapping machine patent, GB-127424-A: Improvements in a Combined Seeder and Fertilizer Distributor. patent, GB-1274397-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for playing a game patent, GB-1274585-A: Improvements relating to electromagnetic voltage regulators for controlling the charge of storage batteries of motor vehicles patent, GB-1275172-A: Peroxygen containing compositions patent, GB-1275881-A: Improvements relating to data recording methods and apparatus patent, GB-1276406-A: Improvements in or relating to ice making machines patent, GB-1276693-A: Process for preparing powders of lipophilic food emulsifiers patent, GB-1276856-A: Manufacture of open-mouthed articles from heat shrinkable material patent, GB-1276893-A: Photographic process of forming printing plates patent, GB-1276975-A: Improved lighting system for gaseous-discharge lamps patent, GB-1277344-A: A device for transferring a torque between two components which are axially displaceable in relation to each other patent, GB-1277899-A: Improvements in or relating to rods for making spot-welded reinforcing mats for use in reinforced concrete patent, GB-1278152-A: Improvements in and relating to flying shears for cutting up sheet-metal strips travelling at high speed patent, GB-1278362-A: Improvements in and relating to electric motors patent, GB-1279026-A: Digital control system patent, GB-1279286-A: Photothermomagnetic detector devices patent, GB-1279418-A: Bellows type vacuum pump patent, GB-1279692-A: Improvements in or relating to laminates patent, GB-1280266-A: Phosphorus-containing lubricant additives patent, GB-1280813-A: Prime mover control arrangements patent, GB-1281537-A: Word pulse generating devices patent, GB-1282163-A: Modified allergens and a process for their preparation patent, GB-1282313-A: Respirator device patent, GB-1282768-A: Photographic silver halide development patent, GB-1282911-A: Image storage, reproduction and comparison system patent, GB-1282985-A: Device for maintaining a line in contact with a rotatable drum pulley or the like patent, GB-1283498-A: Improvements in or relating to the crystallisation of aluminium fluoride patent, GB-1283705-A: Improvements in or relating to pulse-counting circuits patent, GB-1284366-A: Method of reducing or preventing decomposition of 0,1,1,2-tetrachloroethane patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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